Chairman Message

Dear Students,

We always have strong faith that everyone has unique talent and capable of being shaped in to successful executives or entrepreneurs. Your two years stay with us, will be very useful for your career and whatever your parents going to spend for you will definitely be earned by you within one year. So, if you Really want to achieve success and want to reach the peak of Corporate ladder or want to start your own business, join us. But if you want to simply waste your parent’s money and your time, Nalanda is not the right place and it is better that you choose any other college.

As soon as you step in to our campus, we feel that it is our responsibility to take care and we promise that you would be transformed as a genuine executive. Definitely your life in Nalanda would be really tough because of activities and development programmes, but your involved participation in our programmes would ensure that you do achieve the goals.

If you join us with strong determination to achieve, you would appreciate each every sensible and valuable moments in Nalanda. We want you to strongly believe ‘If you can’t, nobody can”. –S.V.INGERSOLL, MA.,